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Sports Illustrated, being one of the (if not THE) most mentioned sports magazines in the US, was reason enough for me to pick it up for a year from one of the magazine drives from a local school. The magazine is pretty reasonably priced at $39 for a 1 year subscription (56 issues) direct from sportsillustrated.com.

What I liked most about Sports Illustrated is that it tracks the player stats. Every week under the specific teams it has the year to date important stats, like RBIs, ERA and AVG for baseball. While I was receiving this magazine I had gotten so into the stats that anyone could ask me any stat for any player in the AL east as well as a few others around the MLB and I would know it off of the top of my head. Not that stats are everything in a game, but they do tell us quite a bit about where the player is and it is a pretty good thing to know.

What I liked least is that there was too much Yankee stuff. This is not a totally Red Sox thing, but somewhat… more of a baseball thing, though. It seems that, at least the year that I received SI, there were an awful lot of sports writers who were too myopic to see the great things that other teams were doing. Some of the writers always picked the Yankees, as a team or as individual players, for everything. While a decent baseball player may only be a stones throw away at Yankee Stadium there are other teams in the world and other decent, and more than decent players that never seemed to fly into the radar of the sports writers. Perhaps if they only had worn pinstripes?

While Sports Illustrated does write about other players and teams, the slant always seemed to be pro Yankees.. And for me, that is a big no-no.

Another thing that I did not care for is the scantily clad women and references that were clearly meant for men only. I am not speaking of the swimsuit issue alone, but the magazine in general. It is clearly written for men and that is OK as it is their target audience. I realize that it probably is not a big part of the female population that subscribes to sports magazines, however I have read many different publications and this is the only one that seems written more for men about sports than just about sports for the general population.

All in all I do miss the weekly stats being right at my fingertips but I prefer the writings of Sporting News and I can look the stats up online.