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Spray N Wash

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While taking my two big dogs out for a morning walk, my 80 pound "puppy" got so excited she jumped up on me, nearly knocking me to the ground! Of course, this was the day I decided to wear a white hoody sweatshirt! I live in an area where we have red clay soil and once it gets on anything, it's a challenge to remove!

I grabbed the tried-and-true Spray N Wash, and sprayed the heck out of the paw print on my sweatshirt. To make sure it had enough time to soak up the stain, I let it sit for over an hour, before I tossed it into my washer and ran it through a cycle. When I removed the wet sweatshirt, I was pleasantly surprised that the stain was gone! Well, almost! A teeny little spot was still visible, so I sprayed it again, and this time I put a little elbow grease into it by rubbing the fabric together. Again, I washed the sweatshirt, and this time around the stain was completely gone! I admit, I use Spray N Wash regularly, but I usually don't have to deal with removing red clay mud stains out of white fabric! I became even more impressed with the product after seeing the results on this one piece of clothing.

I've tried other laundry stain removers, and on every-day stains they all seem to do a pretty good job, They would probably work just as well to remove my paw-print-on-white, but I KNOW the Spray N Wash will do the job, so I'll stay with that!

Now if I could just get my dog to stop jumping...

Update On May 26, 2008: May 26, 2008 I used Spray N Wash on a pair of my husband's jeans and a sweatshirt that were drenched in blood, and believe it or not, I got ALL of it to come out! I couldn't believe it myself! Plus, these clothes sat untreated in a laundry basket (read that, dried blood) for a couple days.

FYI: My husband cut himself on the top of his hand and severed a tendon. We'll find out more tomorrow when he goes to the doctor. The cut has been stitched, but the tendon still needs to be "fixed".