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Spray N Wash Dual Power

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I had a hunch this would be the wonder product and I was right. Spray N Wash is something I always need. I have a lot of cleaning that is very light rinsing and a lot of cleaning that is very stained. Gym stocks, foundation garments, workout wear, and heavily worn casual wear is the type of cleaning I need. Any diluted scrubbing lotion for clothes will do in the rinse but for the hard stains I need something that really breaks down chemicals but doesn't wreck cotton clothing and my hands.

I often need cleaners that can double for whatever needs doing. I can't afford one floor cleanser, one bathroom cleanser, one sink and tub cleanser, one tile and grout cleanser, and one chrome cleanser. AND clothes detergents and their suite of accessories. And dish detergent. But the clothes are the element that suffer most from overlapping any other type of cleaner. So I invested in this double bottle of stuff hoping the double barrel packaging wasn't just a gimmick.

I'm headed back to the store tomorrow to get another bottle. This stuff is worth its cleaning weight in gold. For stains on clothes it is much faster acting than just normal spray and wash. It foams up and rinses out hard stains very quickly, I rinsed some serious underwear after a few seconds soaking clean through about 5 pair in a row. Not just suds, but stains coming out hard core. This cleaner blows the lid off anything and no acrid smell or suds everywhere for no reason.

Usually this had a good use so that throwing pre rinsed clothes into a washer will continue the cleansing throughout the wash. But Spray N Wash double action blend doesn't bleach or discolor other clothing. That's a first, usually the harsh cleaner leaves a touch on other clothing sometimes . I would say if Spray N Wash dual action can't remove the stain, the garment is done for. Best of all there is no harsh chemical smell. The cleaner does the work, but the fumes don't burn. This is the bomb.

But the big surprise was in the kitchen. i have used Spray and Wash Dual Power diluted in kitchen cleaner before for degreasing and kitchen surface cleaning. So I poured the double mixture into a liquid cleaner of the dollar store variety. Wow! The power of clean cut through fat, grease, hardened cooking stains and tile top messes as well as leaving stove top finish sparkling, no scratches or stains. I went through a whole roll of paper towels for food and grease mess, then followed up with water sponging with a rinsed scrubby, the cleaning got so easy.

If I had had this stuff before I would have kept a better household. I even mopped the kitchen floor with two white utility towels and the Spray N Wash actually rinsed out the towels. The floor was massive dirty, full of kitchen debris, floor dirt and grime stacked up. But the Dual Power stuff got them back to a hard white color. You'll run out of elbow grease and sponges and towels and time before you run out of cleaning action. Makes any use of time for cleaning result in a hard clean result.

I still have a half bottle left and I consider it a bargain. The Spray N Wash Dual Power makes cleaning easier than I would have thought, because I am a lazy household keeper. I can rinse the diluted stuff on mirrored glass and melamine, and rinse the sponge with back to the cleaning action. The solution is really a hard cleaner. I am not sure if you would ever separate the cleaners but who knows. The special top means easy ope, no drips or side down drip mess. Buy it!