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Spring Valley Natural Whole Herb Valerian Root

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By ncmom on
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A friend told me about the effectiveness of Valerian Root Tea when used as a stress reducer. She said that when facing a big exam in school or a really stressful homework assignment, she would give her high school aged daughter a cup of Valerian Root Tea and it would calm her daughter right down so that she was more relaxed and could be more effective in her schoolwork. She warned that the stuff smells and tastes really, really bad so I just passed on her advice as something that I probably would not be interested in.

I happened to be in the vitamin/supplement section of my local Walmart one day and noticed the green bottle of Spring Valley Natural Whole Herb Valerian Root in capsule form and thought that maybe I could stomach a capsule rather than the tea. The instructions suggest to take 3 capsules 3 times daily or 3 capsules before bedtime.

I didn't want to overdo it right off the bat, so I took 2 capsules and was very happy to notice that nearly immediately I seemed to feel an ocean of calmness wash over me. Now it may be more psychological in my case but I do feel that it helps me to calm down and relax at times of stress or anxiety. I also feel that it helps me fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly. It does have an odor when opening the bottle and there is a bit of an aftertaste but not as bad as I imagined that tea to have.

I give it to my husband also when the kids are getting loud and that little vein in the middle of his forehead warns all that he is reaching his limit of "kid induced" stress. I am happy to report that he also now seems calmer more able to handle our ADD and ADHD sons and their issues.

I asked our doctor about this and she advised that this product is not recommended for children as some studies indicate that it could possibly become addictive in some rare cases so I do not give it to them. Also, keeping this in mind, I only use this supplement at times that I know it is definately needed.

I am happy to have found this product and hope that it can help to keep us from resorting to the more controversial and chemical forms of prescription stress/anxiety reducers. This seems like this could be something that Grandma would have used before the days of modern medical science and as we all know, Grandma knew best.