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Sprint Pocket Pc

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cupie By cupie on
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I got this cell from a coworker because my last phone got lost and I couldn't afford to replace it. I've been using it for almost 5 months now, so I decided to write a review. Mind you this phone is four years old.

Aside from basic office applications, this phone has no extra features. It has ActiveSync, Excel Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile and other useless, boring applications. The demo games are Bubble Breaker and Solitaire. Neither have I heard of "Bubble Breaker" nor does it sound any fun. I would've been happier if it had more fun applications like Sprint TV, Music Store, or an App store. However, I do like the phone's Internet but it can't play YouTube, which makes me mad. The phone has a camera which is better than most cell phone cameras. The camera has special modes like "Sepia" and "Tungsten".

The durability is excellent; this phone has withstood falls and has lasted four years!

The phone isn't very stylish. It's a flat silver color and it looks industrial. I'm actually embarrassed to have this phone out in public, especially when out with friends.

I don't have a new battery for this phone, so it lasts for 15 or 20 minutes before going low. I hate that so I'm looking into a new battery (or a new phone). In the meantime, it's almost always on charge or using a car charger. It cannot go anywhere without needing a charge.

The display is large and you have the option of viewing a page horizontally or vertically. My last phone didn't have this feature, so I liked this. It's especially useful when reading a web page. There's also a button in the settings to adjust the backlight to reduce eyestrain. I find this helpful when in a dark room or reading a web page under bed covers.

The reliability of the phone isn't so good. The phone might randomly go off or have a low battery without actually using it. I found this especially irritating during boring activities like church.

The size is horrible. This phone is one inch thick. I'm serious. It weighs you down when walking and is clunky. It's also a hand full when using it, literally.

This phone has a QWERTY keyboard; I like this because it makes my typing faster. But sometimes on screen, the QWERTY won't work, and you'll have to use the virtual keyboard. I find this annoying as this slows down my typing quite a bit.

The reception is the best! I haven't had one dropped call to date! The phone also has a flight mode option for flights; it turns phone reception and wireless off. I guess this prevents roaming.

All in all, only buy this phone if you're low on cash. It's not that great and it should be avoided at all costs.