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Sprint Touch Do Not Want

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thrsty By thrsty on
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I really wanted to love the HTC Touch from Sprint. It was everything I was looking for in a phone. Sleek and stylish, running a well known platform with limitless application support, and a price point under $300. So after 3 weeks of heavy usage on this phone, I was very sad that I was taking it back to the store.

The best parts of this phone are its style, and its expandability. First up, style. The screen is decent, not the best, but it being flush with the phone gives it more appeal. There is one button on the side that is assignable, and a five-way-switch on the front. Overall a very sexy phone comparable to the iPhone. As for expandability, it uses Windows Mobile 6, so there is no shortage of programs available, many of them free.

The problems I had with it were too many, though. It froze often, problem between the OS and certain softwares, the main problem being, you wouldn't know it was frozen until you tried to turn the screen on and it didn't. This sometimes caused my battery to run down since it wouldn't properly sleep. The camera on it was laughable, at best - extremely poor in low light, and not that great it high light. The reception overall was bad, I was barely able to hear the other party, and often it just disconnected.

The on screen keyboard is not very good, though this is somewhat fixable by installing one of several better on screen keyboard programs like TouchPal.

Overall it was a good attempt by HTC to make a smartphone more accessible, but they cut too many corners for this phone to be worth the purchase price.