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Spyder Pilot Acs

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I have has this gun for over two years now and still love it! I, myself, and my friends have put it through it's paces as well. The day I got it, I loaded up on Co2, paintballs, and hit the field. I skimmed through the instruction manual on the way there, although it was nearly unnecesary.

The manual told you how to set it up and change settings and that's all you need. It takes one flick of a switch (which is conviently placed, just above the trigger on the left side, waiting for the flick of your finger) to turn the gun on. From there, there is a button at the back bottom of the grip. You press it once to take the safety off, then press again to cycle though the modes.

The first mode is semi-auto. The trigger is a very light one, with not too long of a pull. With little adjustment, it can be made to fire at the sneeze of a fly in China. I find somewhere inbetween the two extreems is best.

Up next is automatic, and all the rates it has. Automatic can be set to fire anywhere from6 up to 13 balls per second! Not bad for right out of the box! Although, one with quick fingers can fire the gun MUCH quicker in semi-automatic. Around 20BPS is easy to achieve with no modification.

I've used the burst mode a few times, but it's not really my thing. In burst mode (either 3 or 6 ball burst) you hold down the trigger, it fires that many shots, and stops untill you let off the trigger and squeeze again. It's a nice feature, but the firing time was just too slow for my liking.

I also liked how easy it was to adjust the pressure, either for set-up, or on the fly. All it takes is a few turns of the knob at the back of the gun, and it's up or down. On a side note, older models have a plate that goes over the back of the bolt, that piece broke off within a few hours of use on every one of these guns I've seen. It is unnecessary though. It doesn't hurt anything at all. In fact, the newer ones were made without it to keep it from breaking off!

The Anti-Chop System! Not much to say except that it's amazing!!! I've gone through thousands upon thousands of balls and not once have I chopped one!!! Mind you, the gun outfires my hopper, but the ACS won't chop a ball. If I'm firing too fast for the hopper to keep up, it'll fire a blank every few rounds, not spray paint all over the place and create a mess of your gun.

All in all, this is a great gun for the guys who love to fill er' up and go, or the beginner, looking for a nice set-up. The supplied, rechargable 9v battery will last plenty long, but is easy to replace at the field if needed. You will need an electric hopper with this gun though. It fires fast enough to easily out-do and gravity feed hopper, and some cheap ones. It's not overly complicated, but performs like a champ. It will be no problem for the beginner to be out and shooting in no-time with this gun. And you can't beat it for the price it is either! I paid $170 new for mine when I got it, and it was well worth it!!!