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Spyware Blaster Version 4.2

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I currently use Avira Antivir Personal Edition, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, and SuperAntiSpyware as my major programs to combat threats to my computer. I do, however, install minor ones as well even if it is only a small improvement in protection. SpywareBlaster version 4.2 is a simple program that is used to block (some) harmful websites from planting tracking cookies on your computer and prevents installation of ActiveX malware. Its effectiveness is limited, but installing it is better than not having it at all.

The program does not run on your computer like antivirus programs that actively scan your computer for threats. Rather, it is a passive device that has a list of websites that is updated bimonthly. The list contains blocked websites that have been deemed dangerous, and it makes sure your computer are unaffected by them. The size of Spyware Blaster is small, so it will not occupy much space on your hard drive.

There is one special feature of Spyware Blaster worth mentioning. One of them is a "system snapshot, " which appears to be an option to save certain settings on your computer that you can revert to if your computer is ever infected. I think it works like a restore point of a Windows OS except not as far reaching in its ability.

The only thing you have to worry about the program is updating it manually with the free version. The paid version has an automatic update feature, but it is unnecessary. Spyware Blaster is only updated every 2 weeks or so, so it is not as important to have an auto update tool like an antivirus program.

There are some minor drawbacks. The program supports only a couple browsers, like Firefox and Internet Explorer as far as I know. If a person is using a browser other than these two, such as Chrome, Opera, etc., then I am not sure of the potency of Spyware Blaster on those. In addition, it only works for Windows OS versions as far as I know; I have not heard anything about a Macintosh version.

Another problem is that since the list only contains the number of harmful websites that the developers can identify, it is always possible that you could get infected by one they have not found. Do not to treat this program like an antivirus or malware remover program; it only blocks what it knows, and I do not think it is capable of removing threats.

Spyware Blaster is easy to install, use, and it is free (unless you want to pay for it to access other features). I have tested it on both Windows XP and Vista without any problems. It will not be an integral part of securing your computer, but it would not hurt to use it.