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Squats Dont Have To Be A Pain Anymore

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The barbell squat is one of the most effective exercises to build not only your legs but your muscle all over your body. The squat also has very high metabolic effects which means it helps your body burn more fat. The problem with barbell squats is that then the bar is lying across the shoulders it can be a very painful experience. When something is painful, your a lot less likely to do it. Well, the Manta Ray squating accessory changes all of that. The Manta Ray is a strong blue plastic device that has a groove for the bar that the bar snaps into. It is shaped to comfortably fit across your shoulders and trapezius muscles. The way this product works is it distributes the bar weight across a much larger area of the body making it more comfortable to hold the bar and you'll even be able to hold more weight. Another benefit from the Manta Ray is that it prevents the bar from rolling down your back or moving around making the squat a lot safer. The only minor negatives are that it might leave slight red marks for the first week or so and you really need to make sure it's centered on the bar because it will cause a lot of tork on the body if it's not. Very small negatives for such great benefits, this product really will make the barbell squat a much less painful exercise and you'll really be able to reap the benefits of the exercise because of this product. I have been using it for about 8 years now and I love it.