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Stacinator Stretch Wool Diaper Cover

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heathererin By heathererin on
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The Stacinator wool cover is soft, supple, stretchy, and never itchy. It has all of wool's near miraculous qualities; it absorbs moisture without feeling wet, it breathes, ensuring baby doesn't get diaper rash, and if baby doesn't poop on it, just hang it to dry and then use it again without odor. And all in a cute cover that's as soft as a t-shirt.

However, there are some things to be aware of when using these covers. First, I would not use this cover on an exclusively breastfed baby. This is because breastfed babies have soft, runny poo which lends itself to "poosplosions." Not a problem if your cover has leg gussets, but these do not. The chance of a blow out is too high. Second, these covers should never be lanolized with any other covers in the same water. This is because the colors are dense, but they run in the water. I have permanently marked some of my other covers when the dye transferred. No, it doesn't transfer to your baby, the diaper, or anything else - no idea how that works. But in washing, wash them alone. Third, this is a very trim fitting cover. This makes it great for under dresses or with cute outfits, but it does mean if you usually add doublers for a heavy wetter, there may not be enough rise or room between the legs.

Do I like this cover? Yes, very much. As a daytime cover or naptime cover it's great. Cute, can be used without anything over it, it's a great looking cover. But the looks may mean that you don't get quite the coverage you expect, so keep that in mind. Definitely worth it though!