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Stain Remover

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First, allow me to apologize if anyone gets offended at my dachshund's pee pee stain in the photo. But I wanted to show how well this cleaner works on stains that even sit overnight or for those that are hidden for several days. The results have been the same for us, regardless.

In my other review of the Hoover SteamVac carpet cleaner, I mentioned that we use this cleaner for our wonderul little weiner dog, who likes to mark sometimes when we leave the house. This way, he figures we'll make it back to the pack, I guess.

We looked everywhere and tried so many "stain" removers, but nothing was really removing the stain. Our carpet also had tons of Espresso coffee stains from the previous tenants and before we got our carpet cleaner, we would spot clean the areas with Simple Solution Oxy Solution.

We first pre-treat the stain with this cleaner and also purchased the larger gallon bottle to use in our carpet machine. We add the cleaner to the machine and after allowing the pre-treated area to sit a minute or so, it's ready to clean up. I included two images of our little prince's stain, which is near daddy's chair. The darker stain of course, is the oopsy. I sprayed the stain and waited just under a minute, then used my carpet cleaner. The second photo is that of the cleaned up area. The stain is very faint and I just did a few passes with the machine, but if I go back and spray the stain again and use the machine twice over that area, it will be unnoticeable.

We also have a cat that sometimes coughs up hairballs. As many pet owners know, the pet foods have dyes in them and this is the bear that stains our carpet. Regardless if we are cleaning up after the cat or the dog, all of our stains come out nicely.

This cleaner also comes in an Orange Power Stain and another for Cat Stains, which neither have we tried.

We are genuinely happy with this cleaner and also how the stains do not reappear, like other cleaners have done. It's available at Pet's Mart and probably many other stores, but we grab a bottle when we go shop for kitty and puppy food.

Update On Mar 08, 2010: This cleaner is still going strong after using it for so many months. It's absolutely the BEST in cleaning up little accidents from our dog or hair balls coughed up from our cat. We just buy the large jug and refill the sprayer bottle. So far this is the best stuff we have found. It has even done wonders on spilled fruit punch by our youth group! Now that's great when you can't tell where fruit punch has been spilled on beige carpeting!

Update On May 19, 2010: My husband went to get some milk from the refrigerator and a bottle of Sangria fell off the shelf. When he tried to catch it, it broke onto the carpet in the dining room. He immediately grabbed the carpet cleaner and spray. The wine did NOT stain at all! He was SO happy and we highly recommend this cleaner for not only pet stains, but also any other carpet stain.

Update On Jun 17, 2010: We still have not found any other cleaner that does as such a great job of removing stains as this. My mother-in-law dropped a glass of wine and then our niece dropped her soda. Of course Oxy Solution was on hand to clean up the stains that would have set in our carpet. I just love this stuff!