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Stainless Steel Water Bottle

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Many reports are coming out lately on the dangers of plastic water bottles. I don't think it's so much as a brand new bottle but leaning more towards us re-using plastic water bottles and not really cleaning them out. But the studies are still saying the plastic absorbs chemicals and could cause health problems.

My husband and I have been casually looking at aluminum and stainless steel water bottles, but none of them had the kind of lid I wanted. Most of the ones we had seen all had a lid that unscrewed but then I was worried about losing that lid. I was looking for something with more of a sipper top or flip top.

Walgreens had the bottles we were looking for. They were only $4.99 each, compared to others we saw ranging from $20-$25 each. I wasn't about to spend almost $50 on 2 bottles! So from the wide range of colors they had, I chose pink and he chose an electric green. They are pretty lightweight.

The manufacturer states they are BPA Free; a "Food Grade" stainless steel - which tells me they are safe for consuming liquids out of; they are Toxin-free and do not "leach" harmful chemicals into liquids (this was a word I hadn't heard in a very long time). It does have a pretty wide open mouth if you remove the top and allows you to put ice cubes in.

I like that it has two screw tops - one with a loop on top, the other with a flip-top sipper and there is also carabiner! Very cool.

It's lightweight but I know we will need to be careful because I am sure we'll drop it over time and wondering what will happen once it gets a dent. But I remember the days growing up and my grandma had aluminum drinking cups. They were durable and always so cold to drink from but we enjoyed them. This bottle brought back some fond memories when he brought it home to me.

It's nice that if and when these bottles have seen their day, that we can recycle them. So they are eco-friendly.

I have seen some reviews of this bottle and people complaining about them leaking. I will say that you need to "snap" the flip top lid down firmly and it won't leak. My lid wasn't snapping shut - ends up I was just being too weak about it. My husband took it from me, snapped the lid down and even turned it upside down over his lap. It was perfectly fine but would have been funny if it HAD leaked on his lap. I am glad it took a bit more effort to snap it because that showed me it had a better seal than I expected.

I would NOT recommend putting these in the dishwasher. I would wash them by hand. The mouth opening is large enough that you can even use a bottle brush to clean the inside. So I would really not recommend exposing them to the dishwashing detergents and powders. That's the same advise they give you on travel mugs too. The information does say that you can put in the dishwasher but I know many detergents have bleach in them and that's one of the chemicals it says not to use on them. And do not use a chlorine either. You can't put hot beverages in it - so use it as a water bottle substituting plastic bottles.

Some people say the logo wears off and is a little messy. I haven't had mine long enough to experience that, so if it does, I will update this review. If it comes off though, I don't care.

One person claimed that after one day there was rust in the bottle. That seems odd because like another person suggested, maybe a kid put something in the bottle to cause that. You just never know what kids will do. These bottles do not have any seams and are one molded piece so it does seem odd that rust could get inside. But I guess anything is possible.

I love my new bottle and really hope that it does last a long time. Reviews from over a year ago claim they have a 100 year lifetime span. I surely don't intend on keeping it that long, nor do I plan on being around that long!

This will be my traveling water bottle and if we ever go camping sometime again, we'll be bringing them along for that too.

Update On Jun 21, 2010: This has become my travel bottle when I leave the house. I love how the water stays cold longer but of course if left in the car, it turns quite hot. But the bottle itself isn't temperature sensitive to where you can't hold it, so that's a great feature. It's very easy to clean too.

Update On Aug 07, 2010: After I put cold water in this bottle, I normally don't drink it right away and when it sits in the car, it gets hot. I am thinking of bringing tea bags and making some tea. These bottles are easy to clean and the paint doesn't appear to be peeling. So far I recommend these.

Update On Aug 31, 2010: Our water bottles are still holding up very well. There is no sign of rust or wear and they do not accumulate any mildew like some bottles and even plastic ones do. I am not one for hot water, so if I do leave it in the car in our wonderful Florida environment, I will be dumping it out and putting cold back in later. Still haven't tried making hot tea - maybe one day soon. My husband drinks it either way. Definitely a good investment.