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By captchimichunga on
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Stalker: Shadows of Chernobyl is a FPS and RPG all rolled into one package. This may sound like they take the best elements of the game and ruin them but this is infact a marriage of greatness. The game takes place in a near futuristic Chernobyl area were odd mutants, military, and fellow Stalkers wonder the waste looking for artifacts to sell and also trying to unravel the secrets of this mysterious place. The game has a horror element to it which is wonderful if you want that added element of dread when exploring a wasteland. It is recommended for adults because of violence but wouldn't be bad for the teens out there. I enjoyed the game enough to play through it 3 times and each time took a good 16 hours to beat and I didn't even go on every side quest. It is multiplayer but it feels as though it is a second thought but the single player experience more then makes up for it.