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Stalker Stalker Review

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By silakka on
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Stalker is a Russian film directed by Andrei Tarkovsky it is loosely based on novel Roadside Picnic. most of the film focuses on a expedition led by the Stalker working as an guide to bring his two clients to a site known as "the Zone", which has the supposed potential to fulfill a person's innermost desires. The style which Andrei films consists on long takes and most of the shots are very long which does fit into the whole feel of the movie, there wont be action in this movie most of the movie is conversations between the characters who talk about the state of society and world and where it is going, the movie has many philosophical themes and might take more than one time to watch to get all the meaning of the conversations between the guide and his clients. The movie begins as the guide is going to meet his clients to a bar where they are supposed to meet as his wife urges him not to leave to the zone again but the guide ignores her, At the bar the two clients who are a professor and a writer whose names they don´t tell begin to move to the zone which is guarded by military as they get to the zone world becomes colourful and the three begin their journey. The movie does not specify why is the zone so special but it is suggested that it is a landing zone of alien or an meteor.

The movie is 163 minutes long and is made in 1979 but still some of the scenes in the nature are stunning, The movie is very interesting and i suggest you to watch or get it if you find it somewhere which might be hard nowadays but it is worth it.