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Stand By Me

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Stand by Me was directed by Rob Reiner (The Spirit of ‘76) and was adapted from Steven King's novella, The Body. This adventure film follows four friends as the search for the body of a missing boy.

The beginning of the movie finds three of the four boys, Gordy LaChance (Wil Wheaton, Rainbow six: Lockdown), Chris chambers (river Phoenix, Sneakers) And Teddy Duchamp (Cory Feldman, Space Day) sitting in their tree house, while the audience hears a very fitting Rockin' Robin, playing in the background. The arrival of Vern Tessio (Jerry O'Connell, Room 6) catches the boys by surprise as he unravels a story. Vern tells his friends about overhearing his brother talking about the body of a missing boy that should be located far out, off the side of the train tracks. Entranced, the four boys decide to follow the tracks to find the body, completely preoccupied with the idea of becoming heroes.

The movie was nominated for an Oscar for best written screenplay, developed from another medium. It was also nominated for the Independent Spirit Award for Best Director, Best Screenplay, and Best Feature, as well as a Golden globe for Best Director and Best Motion Picture. While Stand by Me did not win any of the afore mentioned awards, the four leads did win Jackie Coogan Young Artists Awards in 1987 for their performances, and a Readers Choice Award for Best Foreign Film.

The movie earns a well deserved three out of four stars. The R rating was undeserved, although the language was less than appropriate for twelve year olds. This heartwarming film captured the audience's attention, and possibly their hearts. The music, as well, was very well conceived, melding in perfectly with the action that unfolded on screen. While the film was touching and enjoyable, the ending, though it wrapped the plotline up nicely, still left a lot to be desired.