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Standard Zombie Fare, With A Twist...

Reviewing: Raiders Of The Damned (Image Entertainment, 2005) Starring:Richard Greice, Assorted Unknowns  |  Rating:
By tunskit on
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Blurb: When two important scientists' helicopter crash lands in zombie territory, an elite fighting force is sent to rescue them.

I viewed this with a fellow zombie aficionado. We tend to watch any zombie movie that comes out, not expecting much. This movie lived up to our low expectations. It had bad camera work, overly dramatic plotlines, and so-so acting. Richard Greico is very briefly in the movie and plays an unbalanced scientist quite well. About the only unique element to this movie was the scene where the zombie colonel takes a bride. The ending is abrupt and kind of confusing until you listen to the director's commentary, which clarifies what their intent was. It almost works, but it would have been better if they'd added a few more minutes, or even just one or two quick shots, to show what they are trying to infer is definitely what happened. All in all, this movie is no worse that most of the low-budget zombie movies out there; it is actually better than some (example: Zombie Planet). Zombie fans will probably like this at least enough to watch it once.