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Staples' Brand 15 Sheet Cross Cut Shredder

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dohdeelicious By dohdeelicious on
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How do I love thee, let me count the ways... I am the Destroyer of Shredders. In 4 years, I have had 3 paper shredders. I have destroyed every single one. I clean them regularly. They fail me.

I've had 5-sheet, 10-sheet, cross cut, & straight cut shredders. I've tried feeding them one sheet at a time. Doesn't matter. They die. I kill them. Take your pick. Bottom line is that I'm hard on a shredder.

I am loathe to throw out any paper with business or personal information on it. Identity theft aside, I am also very careful about what our competitors might find in our trash should they decide to gone 'fishing'. Needless to say, I shred. Often. As a result, I *am* the official shredder around here.

I purchased the Staples' Brand SPL-1506X 15-Sheet Cross Cut Shredder in early November 2007 for our offices. The price was reasonable and, after reading the product reviews on the Staples web site, I decided to purchase this model.

It's a bit noisy. Although how does one assess noise level? It's shredding paper, it's gotta make some noise. The noise of the unit does not bother me.

Easily takes 15 sheets without slowing down. Given that I feed an 11 page report into this thing every week, that's important to me. I don't want to have to feed it through a page at a time.

This shredder will also take Credit Cards, CDs, & DVDs. I burn our financials to disk every night. Once the CD is full, it's nice to know I can shred it without fear of destroying another shredder. So far, the SPL-1506X has held up very well to my regular CD feeds.

This unit has a "Bin Full" indicator as well as "Overheat" and "Overload" features. Nice to know I absolutely can't overheat the motor given my tendency for destruction.

The capacity of the bin is 8 or 9 gallons. Ample for my needs. I empty it every 2 weeks. Granted, I compress the shred in there so I don't have to empty it more often.

I've been using the SPL-1506X for almost 5 solid months and it doesn't look to be caving in to the abuse I've been known to dole out to these units. I highly recommend this shredder. When it fails, I'll let you know. Sound good?