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Staples Mail Mate Junk Mail Shredder

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NOTE: First off, this is the older model of the MailMate™ series (I believe the first - correct me if I'm wrong), not the newer, bigger, most recent one. That one happens to be the M3 MailMate™ shredder, for which in the end, as compared to this one I'm about to review on, happens to be more convenient given the freedom of simply slipping in a letter size paper, as opposed to folding it, which is the case with this particular model. Good thing that the series was continued on, with the introduction of the newer and more efficient MailMate™ M3 shredder, giving you a higher capacity and overall, less time to hassle with (unless of course shredding happens to be on your hobby list!).

I picked one of these up whilst seemingly enough wandering through the aisles in a local Staples store, and to say I've been satisfied would simply be an understatement. Now, don't get me wrong, the newer one is indeed better, but one thing people may tend to miss out of the "equation" so to speak is the consuming of space - in other words, if you want something as small as possible as long as it'll get the job done - and with this shredder, that's exactly the case. Small, and it hasn't failed on me once (I've used it with good caution and care), and the main reason why I bought it was to shred a countless amount of envelopes (mail) that I had lying around the house, as well as certain 4 by 6 cards such as from colleges and universities and whatnot.

Anything that fell into that range as far as that particular "size" would, of course, see the destination of this particular shredder's motor, and so far, I've been nothing but satisfied as far as the shredder's performance goes. On the model also includes a convenient handle on the shredder's bin that undoubtedly calls for easy pull; that is as long as you don't overfill your shredder up. If one decides to take that road, they'll find themselves back in the store, with a mindset full of complaint since they may have possibly felt that they were simply ripped off - or even regretful on passing up on the very inexpensive warranty - more specifically, the "Shredder Replacement Plan" which only cost me a whopping $4.99. Now I know this is a review focused on the shredder, but if you really think about it, in the end, there's really nothing to lose out of adding five bucks to your total given that with the considerably medium-level of fragility of shredders and how the possibility of it breaking in an instant is just there - boom, there goes your brand new shredder - as well as a lesson learned, quite frankly. Above all, with the shredder case, it's always advisable to take good care of these, and make sure you don't wait until it's filled to empty it out! Oh, and not to mention, there's a cool blue button right at the top of it, as well as other essential buttons that can usually fix shredding issues - those being the forward button, and of course, the reverse for taking care of those unwanted paper jams.

But it's not only paper that it shreds and is capable of handling - the MailMate™ is also capable of shredding your old CDs, paper clips and perhaps most importantly, your old credit cards! These do fill up quick yes, but it's for a reason - that being to save up space and give you more freedom (for instance, you can put these in a cabinet without having to worry about a thing nor even hardly needing to move things or at all). With a capacity of 10, an shredding output that would be very difficult for a thief to recover and the ability to use this bad boy for up to 100 times a day, you tell me what's there to lose! But above all, if you're looking for something that won't eat up much space and that gives you your money's worth, then I highly recommend that you end your "quest" here and look absolutely no further!