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Staples One Touch Heavy Duty Stapler

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Ah, it's yet another one of my goodies that I happen to use on a daily basis. Just for the sake of getting "straight to the point" - the reason why I haven't even went back to using Swingline staplers and other staplers from that of other brands is because once you have this particular one in possession, in all honesty, there's no reason to even look any further; it's just not worth it.

This stapler by Staples is truly one-of-a-kind, as similar as it may look when compared to other staplers out there. I mean, of course it's gonna look like the typical stapler as far as "form", but what makes it unique is its strong performance which gives you your twenty dollar's worth, ensuring long-lasting satisfaction, as well as a nice design to go along with it - and not to mention how extremely easy it is to use, as opposed to other staplers out in the market which give you a hard time when it comes to stapling up a stack of paper. Retarded-looking staples that in a few seconds just fall off, all one-by-one, consecutively. That was something that I had wanted to get rid of and forever forget it as it ever being a "stapler problem".

With this one in particular, I stapled up a stack of about more than 50 (I didn't count, but it's just an inference), and that's when I immediately realized that this is one stapler that nobody should be without. There is another stapler that is quite similar to these under the Staples brand; however the only difference is that it gives you a higher capacity - in other words, more to staple therefore using less and not needing to worry about buying a new pack here and there. Not only is it durable, it also pretty much carries around the capacity of the typical stapler - but what I had come to notice is that it does indeed look larger as compared to other staplers of similar calibur (which in this case happen to be quite far off). Oddly enough, coming from a person who doesn't really find paperwork to be "entertaining" whatsoever - don't be surprised if you find yourself having fun with it! That aside - in conclusion, if you're looking for a stapler that isn't just "any" stapler and that'll last you many many years to come, then it's safe to say that the search is over. If you already haven't and may be wanting to give this a try, do so! And remember that it was "that guy" who told you how great it was! More than highly recommended? You bet.