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Staples One Touch High Capacity Stapler Performs!

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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I needed to be able to staple thick piles of paper without spending a fortune. This stapler fits the bill!

The stapler is supposed to be able to staple up to 60 sheets of paper. It can indeed do this, very easily. However, if the papers are loosely stacked (maybe a pile of mixed-weight papers that had been handled and folded and then re-stacked multiple times) you will find that although the machine is powerful enough to push the staple through, that there will not be enough length on the wire staple to fold over on the back. If you are stapling a neat pile that just came off the copier, it will be fine.

It is amazingly easy to staple a large pile. There must be some sort of leverage advantage built into the stapler, because it requires no unusual force to staple any pile of paper. It’s best if you are doing it on a fairly level and solid surface because the base does need to be able to accept the force generated by the stapler.

The throat length is 4.25 inches, or half of the narrow measurement of a piece of paper. The operational footprint of the stapler is about 2 x 8 inches.

The stapler pulls open easily to load, but note that you do need to open it flat, to a total length of about 16" to accomplish this.

You can also use the stapler in an open position for tacking or pinning.

I’ve had mine for nearly a year and it hasn’t jammed yet. But the staple groove is easy to access, so it shouldn’t be difficult to free a jam.

Staple length that it accepts is 3/8 inch, and it does require special staples, which are sold in boxes of 1000, or 3000.

It is not good for stapling small piles of paper, because there is too much wire bent over on the back of the pile. Use your regular stapler for this.v