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Star Wars Battlefront 1

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By crazyglitcher on
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This game I received after buying my Xbox, which was a bad move on my part because I bought it a year before the 360 came out. The game is pretty fun and is somewhat strategic/shooter because how you perform within the game affects how the rest of the troops (AIs) on your side do. Every round starts off with about 150 or 200 troops and its an eliminate the other side or a capture all territories to win. There are different classes and positions you can choose to spawn as (personally I love being a sniper because they ownzors) and you have an HP bar which can replenish with blue pots (seriously, they look like blue containers) and red "pots" replenish your ammo. The game is mostly played in 3rd person view, but you have the choice to switch to first person in the "options" menul however, I would not suggest switching to that mode because it would be harder to "roll sideways (AKA Diving)" and you wouldn't be able to see everything around you.

This review has turned into one huge paragraph so I'm going to make a random page break here.

Personally I believe that the first Battlefront is better than the second because the second gives you the option to become a Jedi. This idea was very "innovative" however I get the feeling that almost everyone will be a freaking Jedi online and so the game would be just another KOTOR. Battelfront 1 kept it strictly with shooter troops and lived up to its name (Battlefront).

This is all I can pretty much write for this game because I haven't played it as much as other games so all I'll say to conclude is this: The game is fun all around (whether playing signle player or killing each other online) but it will get boring quickly and make sure you have a back up game to play while you try to relive your boredom.