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Star Wars Force Unleashed Ii: Was It A Bust?!

Reviewing: Lucas Arts Star Wars Force Unleashed Ii  |  Rating:
By sarahdragon26 on
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When you hear the name Star Wars, you look forward to certain type of movie or game. One that is long, with a depth story line. Well, all expectations for the new Star Wars Force Unleashed II game went right out of the window within the first 24 hours of receiving the game.

First, the game-play graphics were a step up from the first game. Everything was clearer, but the bodies still moved like they were robots. Given the size and the technology available to LucasArts, they would have fixed this problem. No go! The cut scenes were a lot clearer and looked real.

Yet, the real disappointment of this game, as anyone who has played it, will agreed; IT IS VERY SHORT!!! The game was beaten within 4 hours, even with watching all the cut scenes. As compared to the first game, it was far shorter and even more confusing about the direction of the storyline. There is confusion about if the main character is really a clone of Starkiller or not, and at the end, there are clues that he might be or Vader might have been lieing to him.

Sometimes the challenge in the ending of action games is fighting the main enemy, a powerful one that is really hard to beat. Sadly, the hard enemy to fight is the second stage of the game. Vader is surprisingly easy to defeat, for someone so powerful.

The one thing that had this writer confused was the very ending (The Good Side ending). This writer has watched all the movies for years, even read some of the books about the Star Wars universe. If you don't want a spoiler, please stop reading now. If you decide to be good, you spare Vader's life and let him by captured by the Rebellion. If this game series was actually endorsed by Lucas to be the events that happened between the end of Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope, how did Vader get away?!!

There were more holes in the story itself, but that is too long of an argument to make. Anyone who plays the game will agree that there were things missing, (if you know the movies and the first game).

Listed above are cons for this game, but there are pros as well. Not as many, thou. The powers that Starkiller are interesting to master and a lot more like the powers that a Jedi have.

In all, it was fun to play through once, but the main question this writer always asks of video games, IS THERE ANY REPLAY VALUE? The answer for Force Unleashed II is NO. Play through once to at least get an idea of the storyline and what happened after the events of Force Unleashed I. All of the gamers this writer has spoken to, agree that they should not have purchased the game. Rent it first.