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Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic

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By thedefier on
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Retro-game alert. Though Knights of the Old Republic is pretty old and sequels have been made to it (KotOR II), it still deserves recognition for it won Game of the Year awards from so many forms of media. Strangely however, inspite of the awards it amassed, it's not a household name to computer game aficionados. I strongly think it should be, as the game itself is very impressive for its time.

When it was released, its graphics were considered to be exceptional. However, up to now, it still is very decent which shows how the game was "so ahead of its time" when it was released. Content is great : the storyline centers around your character and his past as well as the challenges he must face as he travels around the Galaxy. Okay, so the storyline isn't so spectacular but the game's leveling system is the final piece that makes this a great RPG : the AD&D engine. The familiar Dungeons & Dungeons character development is implemented in this game as you will notice for BioWare Corp. (the game's manufacturer) was also the developer of Neverwinter Nights, another spectacular RPG franchise which also utilized the D&D engine.

With the engine intact, you can choose what skills and attributes to develop in your Jedi : will you control the Force with fierce lightning, or use to send your enemies flying. Will you develop double-handed dexterity or develop a sharp eye for shooting victims from afar.

The only thing that disappointed me was that the fact that the game forced you to become a lightsaber-wielding Jedi after a certain point in the game. You could still use other weapons such as swords and guns but the game made it so that lightsabers were way more powerful than these.

But that's okay - everybody wants to be a Jedi anyway. Two thumbs up for Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic.