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Star Wars Miniatures Starship Battles

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By whoahsweet on
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Star Wars! Everyone knows that anything to do with Star Wars is good, right? Well this game is no exception. Featuring an easy-to-learn set of rules but a deep, immersive set of rules, this game is perfect for both young and old Star Wars fans!

The basic game is easy. Open some packs, get your starships, and move them around a tiled board and roll dice while you shoot each other. This game stays true to the Star Wars starship battles where small fighters are often the turning point of battles. You have huge capital ships that can launch fighters and shoot across the board and shoot broadsides, but you'll find the small and fragile fighters can be sources of a lot of damage. This game emphasis a combined arms approach from both large and small ships.

The only negative to this game is that some of the plastic-and-rubber miniatures arrive warped. Sometimes you'll get a pack of perfect miniatures but sometimes you'll have a bunch of bent wings and hulls that are difficult, if not impossible to correct. Other than this, it is a great game and it's quite cheap at $22 for 7 ships.