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Star Wars: Revenge Of The Sith 4.35

Reviewing: 20th Century Fox Lucasfilm Star Wars Episode Iii, Revenge Of The Sith  |  Rating:
By drazenx on
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Revenge of the Sith is able to overcome plot difficulties from Attack of the Clones, and bring us an intense and exhilarating movie worthy of the Star Wars name. Episode III bridges the two trilogies together and shows us Anakin Skywalker's transformation into Darth Vader. The movie's story might be slightly confusing to the average viewer, but the special effects remain spectacular, just like every Star Wars movie. The entire last fight sequence is absolutely amazing to watch. The soundtrack also adds to the entire effect, making the movie quite enjoyable. The only problems with this movie are the dialogue and the acting of Hayden Christensen, who plays the part of Anakin. Some lines are really bad and divert from the mood, and Hayden's acting could be considered atrocious in some parts of the movie, especially the scenes with Natalie Portman. But everyone else’s acting is spot on which greatly enriches the movie. The DVD release is packed with extras that include a behind the scenes look as to the work involved in one 30 second scene. This portion is very interesting to watch. All in all, this DVD release is a must buy for both Star Wars fanatics and average movie-goers.