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Starcraft 2 What Does It Offer?

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Harrison South By Harrison South on
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Running from the enemy has never been so fun!

I am a large fan of Blizzard's games, I've played World of Warcraft and Diablo, but I was never sure about Starcraft. I'd heard that it was a very infuriating game which can lead to destroyed mice or snapped headsets, but this was not what I found.

I'll start with the campaign which most of us do first, It was a very good introduction to how RTS (Real Time Strategy) games work, they helped you with unit moving in one part it then eased its way into teaching you how to gather the resources needed, It was easy to pick up and I was able to easily beat most levels with easy mode on my first go. It has a very structured and thought-out storyline with some betrayal, love and surprisingly a lot of humour. Ultimately I thought the campaign was a success, it had achievements that made you want to go back and play again to gain them, It has four difficulty levels that really made a difference in the gameplay, but yet the campaign did have some flaws. Some of the levels gave a time limit instead of a goal to destroy a base, this meant that if you had to protect a base for a certain amount of time you would become increasingly bored as your defence became impenetrable

Now I'll come to the main aspect of the game, multiplayer. The multiplayer of the game uses a ladder system for the different categories (1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4) which all have five ladders except 1v1 which has six, these ladders consist of a bronze, silver, gold, platinum and a crystal ladder (master league with 1v1), as you get better at the game you can progress up the ladder beating more and more people until you're promoted into the next ladder. The gameplay of the online had me quite mixed on feelings, first it's very different to the campaign, the game speed is accelerated by a fair amount, at first this is very distracting and really ruins your plan of action but then it quickly grows on you (takes around 2-3 games).

There is a lot more concentration required for these online battles, you need to make sure you always spend your minerals as well as constantly making troops, this added to the control of units in battle (this is called micro) makes it a very difficult game to come in to. At the start of my online career I really did struggle, I was at the bottom of my ladder, I didn't win a single game out of 16 or so, which brings me to the wonder of the online game. There are many build orders, army builds and defence tactics that you can use to counter your opponent which really does make the online game fun, a great example of this was a game I had, I was stuck inside my base scared of when the next attack would come when I realised that my foe was only using units that could only attack ground units, so I was able to make one flight unit that actually won me the game.

To really enjoy the online aspect of this game I would recommend watching as many Starcraft 2 tips and tricks videos as you could, a great one that helped me and has made a significant impact on the Starcraft community is from a YouTube video maker called "Day 9", http://www.youtube.com/user/day9tv?feature=chclk that is a link to his channel as well as to a video about his Starcraft life which I found fascinating.

The last aspect of the game that I want to talk about is the custom games feature, you're given this program with Starcraft that allows you to create a map of your own. If you're really gifted and can learn what to do then you can create amazing things, which can be shared with the Starcraft community. I honestly played on some of the games until 3 AM in the morning just trying to complete them, some of the games ranged from tower defence to RPG's to Bejeweled. They really do offer endless amounts of fun.

My final verdict for this game would have to be a positive one, even if at times it is frustrating, the game still offers a variety of games that are not designed to annoy but to help you relax. The online games really do test you to your limits as you strive to learn every counter and every build order. I would definitely recommend buying this game if you want something to pass the time on.