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Starcraft 2 Wings Of Liberty

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By Knox Auerbach on
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A battle between Protoss and Terran

It has been a long time of waiting(11 years), but StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty has finally made it into the hands of millions of fans across the globe. The big question is, did Blizzard do the game justice?With a fascinating storyline, grunting and rough characters, a multiplayer experience that triumphs over all other RTS games, and an editor with the possibilities to be created and play with, I believe sure fans will be pleased . Over the past week we’ve flown through the single player campaign on the hardest difficulty, and it was dang hard! I'm happy to say it is just as awesome as Blizzard promised. Over the course of nearly 25 missions, players are faced with tough choices over who they want to ally themselves. All of the main characters are extremely colorful in terms of their attitudes and dialogue and they are usually always willing to give you a piece of their mind.

As for gameplay, the mechanics arent very different from the original game (which is good ). The small mechanics that have been tweaked result in a much more lively experience that allows players to focus more on strategies and tactics than focusing on controlling a specific unit. The ability to queue unit’s actions (such as a probe building warpgates(bunkers) and Pylons(energy) as well as the ability to select an infinite number of units unifies the entire experience.

One of the larger things players will notice, is the difference between the campaign and the multiplayer. The campaign shows many units and a storm of upgrades that are not found in the multiplayer sector. Most Real time strategy games use campaigns to prepare players for the multiplayer experience, but Blizzard entertainment removes this tradition by encouraging players to play through a series of “challenges” that will test and learn a player’s skill to better survive in the extremely competitive arena we’ve come to know as StarCraft II’s multiplayer competition. Playing against the AI computer bot is also encouraged before joining in the multiplayer.

While the multiplayer component may be overwhelming to new members, Blizzard has made it much more handicapped by creating ladders for players of different skill levels. While this doesn’t promise that players will always be matched against an equally skilled opponent, it does create a goal to work towards and become the best in a specific division.

As for user-created content, Blizzard has outdone themselves by producing an extremely cleansed, user-friendly editor. While the number of user-created maps and changes are increasing day by day, things will tower and crush anything we’ve seen with the WarCraft editor.

By some way Blizzard has managed to make StarCraft II feel familiar, while still keeping the entire game feeling cleansed and fresh. The single-player is insanely fun, the multiplayer is as addictive as [email protected]($, and almost every new mechanic Blizzard has introduced has helped to improve the game.