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Starcrest Arch Supports: Ouch Support!

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Gayle Parks By Gayle Parks on
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My feet have been known to hurt. I spent 21 years standing behind a counter. Eight years at a public library where I worked, and then 13 years in a retail store, so believe me when I say I know foot pain and know it well.

Arch supports apply compression and, usually, help to relieve pain associated with tendon inflammation in the arch of the foot. Most of my pain was in the arches of my feet, and I quickly found that the right amount of compression often did help to relieve the pain. I sometimes resorted to wrapping my foot with packing tape just to get some degree of relief while at work. So, when I saw these arch supports in the Starcrest catalog, I thought maybe I would finally get some lasting relief.

I needn't have gotten so excited. These arch supports caused more pain then they ever relieved. These supports are easy enough to put on. They simply slip over your foot with the pad on the underside. The problem is, the pad presses up into your arch and applies way too much pressure to an already tender area. Supposedly, you can wear these with a shoe, but I don't see how. They are made of fabric, and what appears to be rubber, but are much too stiff and inflexible to fit comfortably inside a shoe. After trying these arch supports, I decided a simple ace bandage would work better and certainly would allow for more customized compression.

I don't recommend this product. If your foot can stand the discomfort caused by these arch supports then you weren't in that much pain to begin with!