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Stardust Movie Review

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I will admit: I have a bias toward anything related to Neil Gaiman. I believe he is one of the greatest modern storytellers today and will be valued long after his passing. That being said, I was very excited when "Stardust" came to DVD. I wish It was the first Neil Gaiman book I had ever read ( I owned about half of the graphic novels he penned) and I thought, like many of his fans, it would make a terrific movie. And I was right.

Stardust is about relationships, unexplored worlds, and knowing that what your heart desires isn't always limited to what is in front of your face. The story takes place in a town called The Wall, where villagers aren't permitted to go beyond the city's surrounding wall because of the "strange world" out there. However, one man named Tristan has promised his true love that he would catch a falling star that they saw and bring it back to her in a week in order to profess his great love for her. She agrees, and Tristan sets out to find the star.

Meanwhile, a few other entities are also searching for this star. There's a family of witches (led by Michelle Pfeiffer, radiant as ever) who will use it to regain their youth; and a kingdom of brothers, whose acquisition of the star will declare the rightful owner of the hierarchy. With these three groups and a not-so-tough sea captain played by Robert De Niro, this movie invokes memories of The Princess Bride, to which Stardust has been compared to over and over.

I honestly found this movie just as good as The Princess Bride and even the first Pirates movie because of the pace and witty script. There's action, drama, romance, plenty of comedy, and an ending that demonstrates the theme: true love is in the heart and not the eyes. I highly recommend Stardust as a family film or date movie.

The DVD has a pretty good gag reel that isn't suitable for all viewers but still hilarious. In the making of the movie, Neil Gaiman describes the events over two decades (yes, TWO decades) that shaped the original story. You can also view movie trailers and see how a Hummer became a horse carriage.