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Stardust Summer Skin Sticker For Amazon Kindle 2

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I found that having the cover was not enough for me. From time to time, I would find that the top of the kindle would get dirty. It may be not much, but to me, it was annoying. I decided to buy one of those skins. I probably have only had it for about a month and it's well worth the price I paid for it only because it does protect the kindle from getting dirty. Obviously, it does not protect itself from getting dirty, but that is okay. At least if it gets really bad, I can replace it with a new one as they are easy to take off. If they were not, I would not have bought it in the first place.When I did first received this skin, I did not have any instruction as to how to put It on so I had to use my brain for this one. I started with the front first and at first it was not perfect, but I kept working on it until I got it at least acceptable. The biggest problem is not putting it on perfect, but having it even on the kindle. At first the sides were not even and then I tried again until it looked right. Then the back was a piece of cake.

The one big downside of this all is that you really can't see the text of the buttons. It's there, but you have to look carefully. If you are a pro at using your Kindle, then you don't need one.