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Start Late, Finish Rich

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By chefmom on
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Start Late, Finish Rich is another book by David Bach, the "latte factor" guy. He made himself famous by using the simple idea of figuring out how much you spend each day on an inconsequential item (like a latte) and then figuring out how much that amount could make you over 20-30 years if invested instead. For many people, this is a staggering amount.

In Start Late, Finish Rich, Bach writes to all the Baby Boomers who are trying decipher how in the world they are going to retire. He does have some great ideas, although most of it is common sense. Still, for a lot of folks, it's worth repeating. However, a few years ago I would have given this book a five. Now, it's a four. Bach spend a lot of time extolling the virtues of selling on Ebay and making money in real estate. Ebay sellers are now complaining how difficult it can be to make money that way, with increasing Ebay fees and the cost of postage. But the most depressing news is the housing market. The bubble has definitely burst, and Bach's extravagent praise of that particular way of making passive income no longer has validity for most people.

The book is well-written, entertaining and easy to read. You can still pick up good financial knowledge from a person who obviously knows what he's talking about. I have given another of his books, The Automatic Millionaire, to my children to encourage them to save and invest automatically. Bach belives in paying yourself first and you will automatically achieve wealth. But there is just too much about real estate to give this book a perfect score in the current housing slump.