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Start Your Morning With A Little Zest!

Reviewing: The Natural Dentist Orange Zest Daily Oral Rinse  |  Rating:
chexmix By chexmix on
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Looking for a mouthwash that doesn't burn? The Natural Dentist's Daily Oral Rinse provides! It tastes great, and after two weeks, seems to be doing its job. My gums might even be better than they were when I was still using the ol' alcohol-based mouthwashes, though I can't state that 100% for certain. What I can say is that this stuff has a good, refreshing flavor. It is a little on the acidic side, because of the orange flavor, but it's definitely zesty.

Use it the way you would use any mouthwash, basically, swishing it around in your mouth for about thirty seconds. The lack of alcohol means it doesn't burn, and the flavor is pretty appealing as long as you're into citrus. I sure am, so this is great. I had grown tired of basically all my old dental products and went through a couple trial sizes of different mouthwashes before finding this on sale at a local Walgreen's. I snapped it up on a whim, and I'm glad I did, because it's great stuff. A very refreshing change from the usual morning burn you get from mouthwash! My breath smells nice, germs are killed, and the day is saved, all thanks to Orange Zest. I guess. Well, it's pretty good, anyway.

As with all of The Natural Dentist's products, the vast majority of the ingredients are things that a normal person can actually pronounce, and the website has a breakdown of what's in it, where it comes from, and why they're using it, which I think is a nice touch.

When not on sale, this seems a little bit pricy, but the use of natural ingredients and the fact that it's a mouthwash that doesn't burn for once is great. This might be good for kids, too, if you're trying to teach them good dental habits; I used to skip the mouthwash a lot just because of the fact that it hurt, and this reduces that factor a lot and does the same job, and has a nice flavor and no nasty alcohol aftertaste. It's worth a shot!