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By penhorse on
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Startopia is a Real-Time Strategy game developed by now dead company Mucky Foot and produced by Eidos Interactive. The gameplay takes place in a large donut-shaped space station, and the player is faced with various tasks to win each level. The game is rich with many different species of alien which you must please in order to progress. You can also hire aliens to work on your station, and each species has skills that others do not.

The space station is split up into three decks. The Sub-deck, where all the station management takes place, including trading, communication, recycling and power management. The pleasure deck, where all the entertainment facilities are built, and the bio-deck, where visitors can relax and the player can grow vegetation for producing goods to sell.

Each deck has its own soundtrack, and the music so good that you might find youself hanging around on a deck while you should be somewhere else just so you can continue listening to it.

Startopia is one of my favorite games and is well worth the pennies it costs today, if you can find a copy.