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State Of Fear By Michael Crichton

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By halcamdad on
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I have been a proponent of environmental preservation and have been caught up in a "State of Fear" with regard to global warming for quite some time. This book broadened by perception of environmentalism. I have gobbled up information about global warming distributed by the major media without critical analyzing it or asking questions about the validity of the notions purported. Not that we should all read this novel ( a work of fiction) and decide that global warming has been officially debunked, but more critical analysis of what we really know about climatology and weather patterns is in order. I enjoyed reading a book based on a very contrary perception of the global warming crisis. Debate is good (even if it's occuring within your own mind). If you enjoy studying conflicting points of view, you'll like this book.

Crichton obviously has strong feelings about global warming hype and environmentalism. He makes a very bold move and attempts to expose movements commonly thought to be for the better good as money machines with agendas aimed at gaining power.

I am certainly not a geoscientist and do not claim to have any academic expertise surrounding climatology and ecology. However, as a scientist in another field, I appreciate the debate initiated by this novel. Many are aghast after realizing that Crichton actually attacks global warming theory instead of merely embracing the phenomenon that is rooted in fear and manipulation by Al Gore, the major media and Hollywood.

Some people complain about the presence of graphs and geological data presented throughout the text. I find this disturbing. If you're going to develop an informed opinion, accept the challenge of data interpretation. Further investigation and reading are certainly warranted due to the fact that this book only represents the opinions of one man following extensive review of the global warming and ecology literature. I feel challenged to learn more about what science knows or doesn't know about climatology and the prediction of future weather patterns, etc.

Again, I've always considered myself to be environmentally friendly; however, this novel has enlightened me to the realization that my mind's been poisoned by Al Gore and the major media. It's my responsibility as a citizen to ask questions. Party lines create debate which, in my opinion, is the cornerstone of the democratic process. Should we all stand and do nothing as legislation is passed under the guise of protecting the environment without first analyzing the facts and filtering the garbage delivered by the mainstream media??? I think not.