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Stauer: Good Looking Jewelry At Great Prices

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Candida Eittreim By Candida Eittreim on
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Stauer primarily sells replicas of antique watches, but opened a line of specialized jewelry some years ago. Through a process they guard closely, they have managed to reproduce an almost perfect diamond in the lab. Rare minerals are heated in special equipment to over 5000 degrees to create these gorgeous stones. My husband had watched a program on TV about the process of creating these Diamond Aura stones, and wanted me to have one. So, I went online to www.stauer.com and bought the 1.78 carat 3 stone ring with a platinum over silver band for $145.00. The basic ring is only $99.00. Being a skeptic, I could hardly wait to debunk the myth that these were near perfect diamonds.

When the ring arrived, nestled in its grey presentation box, I was awed. The color and clarity of the stones was stunning. Expertly cut, they scintillated with as much, if not more fire than real diamonds. Stauer claims that in the 5 characteristics (color, clarity, cut, weight and hardness) of a top Grade D diamond, their Diamond Auras match or exceed all of them. They even cut glass like their carbon based twins.

I've worn the ring every day for a year now and in spite of exposure to soap, cleaning products, sun, garden soil and perspiration, they've never dulled or lost their beauty. These aren't cheap cubic zirconias, but a work of art. How do they stand up to "real" diamonds? I have other jewelry that given time dulls, needs cleaning or loses stones. I wear a diamond and ruby ring on my left hand, but it is the Stauer Diamond Aura that people notice first.

If you've never tried a lab created gem before, give these Diamond Auras a try. It is an affordable way to enjoy the beauty of diamonds at much better prices.