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Stay Away Yeast!

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bosoxy By bosoxy on
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Most of my life I had been fortunate enough to not have encountered the horrors of a yeast infection.

If you are a woman and have been the unfortunate winner of this lottery, you know that it can be worse than anything written in a Stephen King novel… Just horrible!

Since I have allergies and prefer to stay as natural as possible, when possible, I turned to AZO. AZO has a homeopathic blend specifically made to combat yeast infections, and it does a bang up job! The ingredients in AZO include Mistletoe Leaf and Lactobacillus. I also took garlic along with the AZO.

The directions for use was to take one tablet, three times a day while I had the infection and one tablet one time a day for prevention. On the first day or two I did take four tablets instead of the three. After that I took three tablets a day. I took multiple tablets for 10 days to ensure that my system was clean and then after that I took one tablet per day until the bottle was empty.

Outside of the garlic I did not take any other medications for the yeast infection and the AZO worked amazingly well.

For women who have trouble with yeast infections around that time of the month or in the warmer months, I would highly recommend taking the one pill a day as a preventative method and upping the dose to two or three pills, as needed. After using AZO it was pretty easy for me to know when I needed to take my next dose just by being in tune with my body.

I felt a lot better taking a homeopathic remedy that is made to strengthen my system than to use something that kills everything in site, leaving the body open to other potential risks.

This is something that I would not normally speak of, however I feel that this product is one that every woman should have in her medicine cabinet and feel that it needs to be spoken about to help others to learn about it, outside of a paid television commercial.