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Steady Growth

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poshpost By poshpost on
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I have invested some money, I think I have already put in about $1, 000 in the PhilamFunds Bond Fund. This kind of unit investment trust fund is invested mostly in government bonds, so the growth is stable and steady. Although the profit in the net asset value per unit or NAVPU is not much in terms of percentage as compared to equities, still there is steady interest as compared to savings accounts and time deposits in banks. Furthermore, its risks are not as much as equities that dive as the stock market goes down. Even though bond values also fluctuate, they do not go down as much so in a fiscal year during times of crisis, there is still some percentage of growth.

I started putting in money in the PhilamFunds Bond Fund about four years ago. I still do, because their program gives investors the flexibility to top up anytime, even everyday if you can afford it. They charge minimal fees as well, and there are no other charges as long as you don't withdraw before the required holding period, which is 90 days.

Their customer service people are also very friendly. I am not sure though if they are that knowledgeable about the advice that they give, or they are just relying on the canned response given by the head office, but well, I do read the papers and other updates, so it doesn't matter.

I get a quarterly update on my investments and how they grow. But essentially, I can check the values everyday through the internet, so it does not matter. And I trust Philam as an insurance provider so I believe they can manage our money well.