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Steel Series Siberia Icemat Headset

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I bought this headset when I was in the market for a high end gaming headset. Beforehand, I had bought a few other cheaper gaming headsets that paled in comparison to this headset. It served me very well for about two years up until it broke on me, which I will explain later in the review.

I mainly used this headset for first person shooter gaming but also as a general headset too. The sound when using the Icemats was incredible. I was able to literally hear opponents in games trying to sneak up behind. The sound was also great for general purpose uses like listening to music.

One of my favorite things about this headset was how comfortable it was. I was able to have the Icemats on for hours at a time without any soreness or hurting. Another great aspect of this headset was that it came with an external way to change the volume. It also allowed you to use either the default 6.3 mm cable or the 3.5 mm mini jack cable that is found on most computers.

The major problem that I had with this headset was also the reason that the Icemats broke. The problem was that you CANNOT have this headset on your head and have only one ear piece on. For example, if I was still playing a game and was also trying to listen to someone in the room with one ear piece off. I did not know this and after awhile of me doing this a piece snapped of and the one ear piece practically snapped off. I was able to tape it back on for awhile and still use them.

Although I did have a major problem with this headset I would still recommend it because I was partly to blame for the headset breaking. The sound quality and comfort definitely make this headset worth the money. So, as long as you avoid what I did you should be happily using this headset for a long time.