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Stephanie Meyer's Book Twilight Review

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Robyn Walker By Robyn Walker on
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I love the book "Twilight" by Stephanie Meyer. I love all four books in the series, actually. I even love the movie and can't wait for the next movie "New Moon" to come out this fall. It all started with a book called "Twilight, " though. This powerful book is full of suspense and engages the senses and leaves you breathless and wanting for more. If you have yet to read this book then this review is for you.


It all starts our with a girl named Bella from Arizona that moves in with her dad in Washington. She is not used to a small, cold, wet city. She has no friends. Life seems very bleak for Bella at first. Then she meets Edward. Edward, of course, is a vampire. Will Bella accept Edward for what he is and continue to fall in love with him? Will she leave him because she is scared? Find out what happens to Bella by reading "Twilight."

==My opinion==

Of course, I love this book- I already mentioned that. I know you will love it, too. Don't be scared off because of the vampires or because Bella is in high school. This isn't your normal high school crush. I personally could not put it down once I started reading it. I literally read it all in a day and a half. I have read it several times since then. I am obviously a little obsessive and don't let that scare you off, either. This is truly a spellbounding love story that will stay with you for a long time to come.