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Stephen King Under The Dome

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I just finished the latest novel from Stephen King and i wish i wasnt, this book is so good and was really difficult to put down. SK started the manuscript for this book in the 1970's but for some reason he just couldnt finish it until now, he still remembered the beginning and continued from there. The story touches on issues that are happening in the world today, from 9/11 and the war in Iraq, in fact one of the main characters Barbie is a former soldier and was in Iraq.

The story starts off with the dome crashing down over top of a small town, anyone/thing caught between it are chopped in half, birds, planes people etc...I wont go into anymore detail to give the story away.

I am happy SK decided to go back to the manuscript and finish this book, i completely lost myself in the story and fell in love with the characters and the town, i also felt myself becoming very angry and frusterated with a few of the characters, if they were real id want to have a few words with them, mainly the town Mayor what a jerk! I could not put this book down, i found myself reading it until 3am some days and couldnt wait to get home from work to continue. SK is a very talented writer and somehow he makes his characters unforgetable and real, it was like i was living in this story and not reading it, he really knows how to make his readers connect with the characters and bring out their emotions towards them. I laughed, i got angry and shed a few tears with the characters.

I highly recommend this novel!