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Steps Gold Greatest Hits

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A Group Music from United Kingdom that active and ever popular around 1998 - 2002. But actually they formed on 7 May 1997 and disbanded on 26 December 2001. Their total have sold over 15 million records.MEMBER OF STEPS

1. Claire Richards

This the personnel of steps i love most, the youngest in Steps. Born in

Hillingdon, London, England on 17 August 1977. Her physic are blonde,

Green-eyed, zodiac Leo. She's 170cm tall. She says she's friendy, loyal, slightly

bossy and outgoing. Claire has a voice that very nice to hear, very sexy, and can

sing in high octave. wow. Go Claire you are my Senior. I love you now and


2. Faye Tozer

Faye was born in 15 November 1975 on Northampton, England. She has a

blonde hair and blue eyes with 173cm tall. The zodiac scorpio. She say's she

smiley, determined, professional and excitable. Faye also has a voice that clear

having high quality of voice, but not sexy as Claire has.

3. Lisa Scott-Lee

Lisa the the personnel that most sexy, pretty and sexy. From Denbighshire,

North Wales, Born on 5 November 1975. Scorpio, She said she's a perfectionist,

a good laugh and a big mouth! Her height is about 161cm. Lisa is very energetic

and prominent in dancing i think.

4. Ian Watkins

Ian Watkins also has nickname H. H means Hyperactive. He has blonde hair,

blue eyes and has zodiac of Taurus. He's 177cm from Rhondda, Wales and

was born on 8th May 1976. He say's he's not shy, caring, happy, fun and likes

eating and swimming. About H he is very funny and entertaining than other


5. Lee Latchford-Evans

Lee has brown haired, hazel-eyed, with the zodiac Aquarius. He's 180cm and

was born on 28 January 1975 from Chester, England. He likes into going to the

gymn, computer games and watching videos. About Lee he has a teeth that very

typical / unique.

Track Listing

1. Tragedy - 4:30

2. One for Sorrow - 4:21

3. Stomp - 3:21

4. Better Best Forgotten - 3:42

5. Love's Got a Hold on My Heart - 3:19

6. Deeper Shade of Blue - 3:44

7. Last Thing on My Mind - 3:04

8. Better the Devil You Know - 3:48

9. Summer Of Love - 3:51

10. 5, 6, 7, 8 - 3:21

11. Chain Reaction - 3:56

12. Baby Don't Dance - 3:50

13. It's the Way You Make Me Feel - 3:16

14. After the Love Has Gone - 4:34

15. Here And Now [Q-Street Mix] - 3:26

16. Say You'll Be Mine - 3:31

17. Only In My Dreams - 4:16

18. Words Are Not Enough - 3:23

19. When I Said Goodbye - 3:32

20. Heartbeat - 4:23

Songs That Impress Me

Tragedy. Impress only in video clip but song not really, only very familiar because the songs adopt from Bee Gees.

One for Sorrow. This song is very famous in 1999 when i was still teen. Also nice ones, Video clip also entertaining, trust me.

Love's Got a Hold on My Heart. The song is from the album Spectacular. Also like the song. Especially when i see Steps in concert sings this song.

Deeper Shade of Blue. This song very nice to sing it. One of my favorite. This song is such as when we are in night club. lol.

Last Thing on My Mind. This is the first song of Steps i heard and also the first video i saw when in 1998.

Better the Devil You Know. This song is one of my favorite. Very suit if we hear in early days or in the night. Also similar to Deeper Shade of Blue like we in night club. Also very suit for event in Halloween.

It's the Way You Make Me Feel. I know this in 2000. Directly love the song so much. Very calm and romantic about the song. Easy in sing it also.

After the Love Has Gone. This song is very beautiful. Increase my spirit. You can see the dancing / choreography also wow. See their video clip.

5, 6, 7, 8. The song is about western country style mix with rap and bum bum music. Video Clip also good to see, very pretty and handsome out there, Trust me.

Heartbeat. I don't know about this song, remind me about gloomy things. No comment.

When I Said Goodbye. Also one of my favorite i like very much. Very easy in sing it. maybe this song rather make our sad. Maybe you can watch the video clip when they in concert.

Personal Opinion

I am fans of Steps. I like the all the group member, like their music style, like majority of their songs, And rarely a person aware how wonderful about their choreography. Yeah i like British Style. British more unique to me. One of the oldest country.

Come back to Steps. I have almost of their songs. I collect majority of their songs that best, and nice to hear. All sweet memory only can see on their video clips. All the members having each uniqueness. For Example Claire has cool personality, has a look, very pretty. Having voice quality that high and sexy.

For Faye also has a pretty in voice, her voice very clear, can sing in high octave. Lisa very prominent in dancing, very attractive and energetic, also has a pretty face. H is the most entertaining in Steps because he is very hyperactive and funny. Lee is the tallest member (180cm) in Steps group has a body, and having a look, his teeth also unique.

I don't know. whether only me the only one in ciao liking steps. Maybe Steps very easy to forget but not for me. I like their song and their video clip. Steps is very refreshing. Love you Steps.