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Steps To Help Your Little Pet.

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By dawn69 on
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I have a dwarf rabbit and he has a hard time getting up on the sofa and chairs in my home because of his size. When he was younger I did not worry about him getting up and down off the furniture. However, he is over seven years old now and seems to jump too far when he jumps down from the sofa. I saw the add on television for steps but they seemed real expensive. Well I went to CVS and saw the as seen on television steps and thought well I should get them just to make things safer for the little guy. The cashier told me about these other steps that were on clearance. I check the off brand name steps with the as seen on television steps and they were exactly the same. These two products were made with the same material and in the same manner. My decision was easy I bought the Handy Trends pet stairs.

The steps are very easy to put together. the first thing you do is pull the step frame out of the box and unfold it. The second step is to snap on the front panels of the steps. The third step is snapping on the back support brace. The final step is pulling on the plush cover. This is so easy to do and it is very sturdy when you are done.

These steps will hold any pet up to 70 pounds. The steps are very lightweight and easy to move to where ever you need it and put it away when not needed. The cover is made of a soft sheep skin which is machine washable. This is great encase your pet has an accident on it or it just gets dirty over time. This is a great idea.

I have to say that my rabbit loves his steps and he gets up and down the sofa with no problems now and I do not have to worry about him hurting himself. I used treats to get him to use the steps the first time. However, once he realized it was easy to get up on the sofa he continues to use them with no incentive at all. My daughter was surprised when the rabbit was actually using the steps.

I am sure if you have an older dog or cat and you worry about them getting up and down on furniture this may be something for you. These steps could also help get smaller dogs in and out of your car instead of carrying them.

I do recommend this product one because it works and two because it is not real expensive. Handy Trends pet stairs is regularly 9.99 and does go on sale.