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Sterile Saline Nasal Wash

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I bought the giant size (4.25 Fl. Oz.) dispenser of Simply Saline for $4.68 at my local supermarket. I have been using saline solutions for a few years to help ease the symptoms of a chronic sinus infection. Simply Saline is the best saline mist for the price. The dispenser is easy to use, and I (usually) get more product for my money than I do with other brands, plus I frequently come across coupons for Simply Saline. This large container lasts a few months, but I don't usually remember to use it more than once or twice a day. (This product is safe to use as often as you like). Using a saline nasal mist was a suggestion my Ear Nose & Throat doctor made to me. Saline won't damage the nasal lining or cause irritation - it's basically just salt water, and it helps keep the nasal passages from drying out. Saline solutions also help flush irritants and mucous out of the nasal passages. (After mowing the lawn, it helps flush out pollen and dirt). The ingredients are purified water and 0.9% sodium chloride. That's it. Unlike other nasal mists, this product does not contain toxic chemicals that, with prolonged use, can actually exacerbate symptoms. The product remains sterile throughout usage, but it should not be shared with others.