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Stevie Nicks Cd Street Angel

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By nightwing on
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This is an interesting disc. At the time of its release, it was not embraced by either critics or the record-buying public. It remains her least-selling collection to date.

The disc was first completed while Stevie was still addicted to prescription medication. After being released from rehab a newly clean Stevie revisited the project and tried to improve the collection. She has admitted in interviews that this collection is a disappointment to her. While she feels the material is strong, it is hampered by poor production.

The production here is probably the most mainstream of any of her albums to date. Some of the songs here are very good, but none are great. Unfortunately, there are a few that are just plain awful.

To start with the bad, we have a horrendous cover of Bob Dylan's Just Like a Woman. Even though Dylan himself plays on the song, it is just a mess. It has some sort of odd reggae feel to it. While I applaud her for trying something new, it does not work. Neither does the final song on the album, Jane. The song is a tribute to Goodall and while it has its good points, some of the lyrics are glaringly awful.

Still, the songs Street Angel and Blue Denim are both solid additions to her catalgue of songs. While I feel less of a connection to this disc than any of her others, it does still have some bright spots.