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Stick It To Your Boss

Reviewing: Elmer's Reusable Adhesive Tac N' Stick  |  Rating:
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My boss got tired of me handing in report outlines with little holes in the top from where I would tack up the outline to my cubicle wall. I knew all those little holes were unacceptable, but if i used tape it would tear the document to shreds. Thats where Elmer's Tac N' Stick came in. It replaces tapes and tacks and never gets stuck. It's reusable and ideal for hanging posters, notes, calendars, reports, messages, artwork on the fridge and holiday decorations on the windows. I've even used it to de-lint my favorite sweater. It's made of a pliable gum like material so if not in use as an adhesive, it's a great fidget object when daydreaming at the office. Removal is easy, just slowly peal off the surface, and if any of the Tac N' Stick remains, simply roll some more over the area and it will pick it right up. I've used this in teaching as well as the home and the best part is that it's non-toxic it contains NO Latex, Dairy &Casein, Egg, Gluten, Peanut or Soy. Not that you would want to eat it, but its great for those who have a sensitivity to those ingredients. Did I mention that it was strong and it will hold up a Grinch picture on your boss's door?