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Stick 'N Click Lights

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tsmommy06 By tsmommy06 on
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I was looking for something to use as an easy night light in my 3-year-old's bedroom. He had the standard plug-in nightlight but I wanted something for him to use on his bottom bunk. I was walking through Target when I saw the Ontel Stick 'n Click Lights. These Stick 'n Click lights are an As Seen on TV product. It was a 3-pack of stick 'n click lights for only $9.99. I bought them figuring if they didn't work at least they were cheap.

The lights take 3 AAA batteries. The lights are LED lights and the packaging claims that you get 100 hours of light on a single set of AAAs. To install the lights, you simply peel the backing off and stick them where needed. You can also twist the light off of the backing and use it as needed.

The Stick 'n Click light has been perfect for my son's room. I stuck one of the lights on the bottom of his top bunk. He now has an overhead light for reading or playing in his bed. The light isn't so bright that it keeps him awake but it is bright enough that he can read or play. I've also put a light in the baby's room for when I need to go in there in the middle of the night. Again it gives just enough light that it doesn't wake the baby up more. I put the third light in the car. I put in on the back of the driver's seat so that my son could turn on the light and read/play in the car without bothering the driver by having the overhead light on.

The light in my son's room gets a lot of use. We do need to change the batteries often but that is because he leaves it on for long periods of time. The light probably does last for 100 hours on a single set of AAA batteries but the light does start to dim well before the 100 hours of use. We usually end up changing the batteries before the light goes dead. I haven't yet had to change the batteries on the lights in the baby's room or the car.

These lights would work well under cabinets or in closets. I'm actually thinking of buying another set and sticking some in the bathroom for when my son has to use the bathroom in the middle of the night.

I highly recommend these lights and will be buying them again in the near future.