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Stickies 6.0 Freeware But Worth A Fortune!

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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The freeware Stickies will place electronic “sticky” notes on your desktop. You can hide them with a keystroke or a click of the mouse, or just leave them showing. It is incredibly flexible, and easily customized. I was using it 10 minutes after I downloaded it, and it helped to clear off my desk in just one day.

This program does not write to your system file or change the registry. It creates simple text notes, stored in a database format (if you care).

In one week, here’s what I’ve done already:

- color coded the various areas of my life and created lists within those areas

- set those color codes as styles to quickly format new stickies

- set alarms on stickies to act as reminders, to-do ticklers, etc

- put stickies to sleep, where they await out of sight until the date and time they are set to awake

- forced a stickie to stay on top of anything you are doing as a truly annoying reminder to do something RIGHT AWAY

- managed stickies to access sleeping or filed notes to make changes

- learned a number of the keyboard shortcuts so I don’t have to do things with the mouse

- attached a stickie to a file so that it opened when that file is opened

There’s a lot more this program does!

- you can transport stickies to other computers or PDAs

- you can email stickies to “friends” or groups if you have their IP address

- it can be administered on networks


See the rest of the list at Zhorn Software

I can’t believe this is freeware, but it is! You are allowed to make donations via PayPal if you wish to, and I might actually do so. I’ve tried several sticky note or cardfile programs, but this is the best BY FAR.

Update On Jan 06, 2010: A very bad glitch happened and ate almost all my data I had on the Stickies. Their support forum said that this has happened to others as well. I decided to just let the program go, but now Stickies 7.0 is out, with even more options and still totally free. I realized that I actually had used the program a lot since it is flexible enough to actual help me organize my multi-directioned life. I have downloaded 7.0 and will try to remember that there is an option for backing up the contents!