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Still Gotta Love The Cube!

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Mia Blaisdell By Mia Blaisdell on
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Believe it or not, the Nintendo GameCube was my first introduction back into gaming since I got bored with my Sega Genesis many years ago and sold it. What got me hooked, is giving it a try at my friends house in Sonoma. She and her partner love their video games and consoles and had about every one made! So I had the great opportunity to sample them all. It had been awhile since I played, so trying to get use to the controller was the main thing I was trying to tackle. For me, the GameCube is what seemed the easiest, and that is what I took to. So when I got back home, I bought a GameCube (Silver version) and the game I had been playing, "Gun". After I got a taste for that I went on to Resident Evil Zero. I played and got through both games and decide that I'd sell them back to Gamestop, and look into replacing it eventually with a Wii. After a certain amount of time passing, and realizing I really missed playing Resident Evil Zero, I wanted my cube back! So I went and got another GameCube, memory card, and copy of the game. Another silver cube wasn't available, but I got a black /gray, which doesn't look bad.(in the photo on the left, right next to my PS2) I got the same as I had bought before, a used console set complete with:

* 1 GameCube Console

* 1 GameCube Controller (Corded)

* 1 AV Cable (Audio/Video)

* 1 AC Cable ( AC / Power)

* A free 30 day guarantee (with optional 1 year product replacement plan offered / purchased separately)

The GameCube does play the mini-dvd disc based games, and not full size like other consoles, so you can't play your dvd movies unfortunately. There is however front ports that allow up to 4 players and 2 additional front ports are dedicated to memory cards.

Even though I haven't bought any additional games yet, it was well worth the price to have it back! I missed it and won't make the mistake of abandoning my cube again!