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Jermaine McKenzie By Jermaine McKenzie on
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I have been using the Brut brand name from I was a child, it was sprayed on me by my father and the scent has become a part of my very being. I have been using it ever since and even though I have tried to break off from it for a while and try other products, there is none that even comes close to holding a candle beside Brut. Those that I have tried have left me with ailments ranging from Athsma attacks to constant sneezing to not lasting very long thus the return of the long day at work body odor...don't even pretend that I am the only one that has ever smelled myself and didn't like what was there. LOL. Separate and apart from this product having a very masculine scent to it, it has proven to me that over the test of time to last very long plus, the ladies find it very appealing to say the least. Now that have started using Brut once again after many years of trying something different, I must say that it was a scent that I truly missed and I am glad to once again be in the company of one of the better colognes available today.