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Still The Best System Around! Playstation 2!

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By pato on
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The Playstation 2 is now one of the "last-gen" systems but it's never been a better time to pick it up. With the next generation of systems coming up most gamers will find themselves unable to afford these high-price machines and expensive games. So most of us poor gamers will find ourselves with a choice to make. Eat Ramen for 6 months in order to save up, or go with one of the more affordable systems.

And the best of the last-gen systems is indeed the Playstation 2. It's cheap at $120 dollars and its game library is second to none. The control scheme has yet to be improved upon and most accessories and equipment can even be bought used for cheap! Although, when compared to its succesor the graphics and engine don't stand up, the PS2 is still a graphical powerhouse. It has passed the five year mark and still has one of the best selections with some terrific games available.

With Sony's promise for "10 year systems", the PS2 will be sure to have first-party support for a few more years. For most gamers this will be a Godsend. They can keep their system until it's no longer feasible to do so then trade it in for a rebated Playstation 3!

With so much support, great games, and availability, the Playstation 2 is still one of the best systems around and is not overshadowded by its bigger badder brother, the PS3. Indeed, I would say it's the best system available for most gamers.